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FIM Gala / 2011 / FIM Road Safety Award

FIM Road Safety Award

Andrés Pérez Rubio

This year the award is made to Mr Andrés Pérez Rubio. It recognises his exceptional contribution to the improvement of road safety for riders over many years. Recently he has come to public attention outside his native Spain for his work with the ROSA project. He worked with the European Union and other project partners. These included the Spanish Directorate General of Traffic, the FIM, the research institute CIDAULT and the company DORNA – the FIM’s commercial partner for MotoGP. Selected MotoGP events were used to showcase this work to the public.

The ROSA project concluded with an event held in the European Parliament where the results were presented. Prior to this Andrés Pérez Rubio has campaigned for many years to seek improvements in other aspects of road safety. Most notably in respect of road infrastructure. In this he and colleagues from Spain have been the leading advocates for improvements to roadside barriers. In 2007 he commenced work with the REAL AUTOMOVIL CLUB DE ESPAÑA bringing a new dimension to the work of the RFME. 

One of the judges for the FIM award, Dr Luciano Iorio, chairperson of the Road Safety Forum of the United Nations ECE in Geneva wrote to the FIM:

“Andrés Pérez Rubio is the right prominent example of a sport champion with a strong frame of mind and high resilience. He has transformed a personal setback to achieve valuable solutions in road safety for the motor bikers’ world.”  

Andrés Pérez Rubio was twice Spanish road racing champion in the 500cc class in 1982 and 1985. In addition to his talents as a rider he was also an innovator in racing technology developing a linked braking system which he used on his Yamaha racing motorcycles. This was before this type of technology became as common as it is today on some road motorcycles. 

In 1993 he suffered a serious road accident in which he lost both hands when he struck a roadside barrier. Showing exceptional fortitude he assisted with the management of the scene of the accident and subsequently surgeons were able to operate and save his hands. Despite continuing disability he is able still to drive and ride his scooter. His enthusiasm for road safety work continues and in 2011 he has also been appointed to the FIM Public Affairs Commission.    

The FIM extends its thanks to the judges: Dr Luciano Iorio Chairperson, Road Safety Forum of the United Nations ECE in Geneva; Mr Tim Buche President of the Motorcycle Safety Foundation USA and Mr Antonio Avenoso Executive Director of the European Transport Safety Council.