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The FIM is committed to caring for the environment and created its International Environment Commission (CIE) to enforce this policy. The adoption of the first FIM Environmental Code dates back to 1994. This document, whose latest  version was adopted at the end of 2009, is updated every year by the CIE and is an essential tool for national affiliated federations and other organisers of FIM events.

This Code prescribes regulations and recommendations to improve the relationship between motorcycling and the environment and promotes sustainable events.

These regulations and recommendations refer in particular to:

1) noise, fuel, protection of the ground and cleaning issues
2) behaviour and activities of the spectators, organisers, circuit/track managers, race participants and road users
3) duties for CIE Delegates and Environmental Stewards

The International Environment Commission (CIE)

It shall deal with all matters relating to environmental protection and shall establish close co-operation with all sporting and extra-sporting Commissions as well as with the Panels. It shall advise the CdD on all steps which it feels ought to be taken in this area.