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New FIM World Record - Bonneville Raceway, Utah (USA)

04/10/10 - 13:52

A new absolute world record on two wheels in Bonneville (USA): 605.697 km/h!

After a week of efforts, Rocky Robinson from Grass Valley (California) former dirt track and trial competition rider and the team of Mike Akatiff, designer and builder  of the Top Oil/Ack Attack streamliner, regained the title as 'the fastest man on two wheels' by setting a new world record at an average speed of 605.697 km/h (376.363 mph* for the measured kilometre and 605.364 km/h (376.156 mph*) for the measured mile.

This new record was set on the final day of the Cook Land Speed Shoot Out  event (20-25.09), late on Saturday afternoon and in perfect weather conditions. Rocky started the first run of the attempt at 15h42 and finished the required return run (in opposite direction) at 17h15, well within the required 'two hour' limit.

Former record holder, Chris Carr, who had taken the record from Rocky in September of 2009, was one of the first people to congratulate Rocky Robinson with his new record over the phone. Rocky said: ' This new record feels so good!  It has been a long week, especially after a handling problem caused by two faulty rear tyres, followed by some electrical and gearshifting  issues, an engine change and today, a last minute change in the final gear ratio - I started in second and only used third and fourth gear and it worked great! I thank Mike Akatiff, the Top Oil - Ack Attack team and all involved for having literally made all efforts to come to this fantastic result.'
Rocky Robinson regains, for the third time, the absolute world record on two wheels. He set a first record in 2006 and again in 2008. He is also the first rider to bring the average speed for the kilometre and mile over the magic 600 km/h mark. Rocky's exit speed was measured at 634.216 km/h or 394.084 mph.

*Results pending ratification by the FIM/CCR.

Cook Motorsports Private Land Speed Shootout – Bonneville Salt Flats, USA (September 20-25, 2010)

International Speed Trials for Motorcycles by BUB – Bonneville Salt Flats, USA (August 29-Sept. 2, 2010)

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