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Pharaoh's Rally - Stage 3

07/10/10 - 09:27

Abu Mingar - Sitra, October 6 2010
Special Stage: 434km – Road connection: 1.5 km
Total:  435 km
A small breeze blew this morning when riders took the start of the third stage of FIM Pharaons Rally. They made 600 m South to join the start while the sun started to climb up on the sky.

The day was divided into two special stages, of 170 and 203 km respectively. At the arrival of the bivouac Abu Mingar, Gerard Farres signs it first stage win during a FIM Cross Country Rally World Championship race.

“This morning I started in the 69th position because of yesterday´s electrical problems and a fixed penalty which put me away for 2h30´. The bike was like perfect as a clock today and I rode very concentrated during the stage.  When I arrived to the bivouac, it was Chaleco in the bivouac´s tent and he told me that I have won the stage. I was very happy!”

One minute behind the Spanish Aprilia rider, Chaleco López takes 4´30´´ to Marc Coma who finished 6th of the stage. Rodrigues was 3rd, Przygonski 4th and Joan Barreda was 5th after the two selective sections of the day.

“The World Title of the FIM Cross Country Rally World Championship is my main goal for me as a person and as a KTM rider. I will try my best, even if we run like a cat and a mouse with Chaleco…” was Marc Coma´s statement at the end of the journey.

In quads, Marcos Patronelli keeps his outstanding performance and finishes 13th of the day, and wins the stage in his class. “Landscapes are breath taking, I´m fascinated by the route. We lack of visibility in the two special stages, mostly because of the sun that was right over us.”

Tomorrow the rally goes back through the White Desert. FIM Pharaons Rally will take all competitors from Abu Mingar to Sitra for its fourth stage.

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