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Estripeau - The French section wizard

11/03/12 - 17:31

French section wizard Bernard Estripeau has once again weaved his magic to create a suitably testing course for tonight's event in Palma, Majorca which marks round five of the 2012 FIM X-Trial World Championship.

The fifty-six year old section designer has already been responsible for the hazards at the opening two rounds of the series in Strasbourg and Geneva, and will also be the man behind the course in Paris, France that will bring the current campaign to a close later this month.

Estripeau has a long history in the sport as he explains. "I made my first indoor trial, as it was called then, in Toulouse back in 1983 and earlier this year I presented the twenty-fifth edition of this event. During my career I have created two-hundred and seventy-six events, this year I will make ten events in total."

"It has taken me and four local workers three days to create the sections here in Palma, and what makes it nice is that we have been able to use local materials to create a theme that is typical of the island of Majorca. Tonight, like I always hope, is that it provides a good test for the riders and a great show for the public."

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