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Krasnikov is one step closer

31/03/12 - 22:24

Harald Simon did not make life simple for the Russian riders during the heats of Day 1. He proved this in heat 3 where he overtook Sergey Karachintsev and Eduard Krisov. By doing so he made it to the semi-final. He is without a doubt this season one of the best Eastern European Ice Speedway Gladiators.

Nikolai Krasnikov won all of his heats on his way to the final of the Day in Uppsala, Sweden. In the final heat, Nikolai found himself in third position on lap 1 behind Daniil Ivanov and Dimitry Khomitsevich. He overtook them in the tiniest of gaps of the third lap, to then lead the pack to victory.

The best Swede of the day was without a doubt was the young local star, Robert Henderson, who qualified for the semi-final.

Result of the Final of the day
Nikolaï Krasnikov 21 pts
Dimitry Khomitsevich 19 pts
Daniil Ivanov 15pts
Dimitry Koltakov 12 pts
Sergey Karatchintsev 11 pts
Eduard Krysov 10 pts
Harald Simon 9 pts
Robert Henderson 8 pts
Franz Zorn 7 pts
Grzegorz Knapp 5 pts
Jan Klatovsky 5 pts
Per-Olf Serenius 4 pts
Max Niedermaier 4 pts
René Stellingwerf 3 pts
Antti Akko 3 pts
Mats Järf 1 pt

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