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France again and again!

20/11/12 - 13:57

The season may well be over but it is time to recap the special test winners…

With 165 special tests raced this year, the stars of the EWC were certainly kept busy during 2012. Showing who was the boss in those track, we take a closer look and discover some "good" surprises...

MEO confirms in E1

Crowned E1 World Champion at the GP of Finland, everyone’s aware of the French domination of Antoine MEO (KTM) in 2012. This is confirmed in the special tests. By counting 54% best times, the KTM dominates Eero REMES (SF - KTM) 21 wins, and Rodrig THAIN (F - HM Honda) 12 wins.

Behind the leading trio, we find the official Sherco Fabien PLANET (F) and Finland's Matti SEISTOLA (HVA), each with nine special test victories to their credit.

On the positive surprises, we can find the 6 special test wins of Thomas OLDRATI (I - Husaberg) and the seven of Simone ALBERGONI (I - HM Honda).

Note the two special victories in Sweden for Norwegian Kjetil GUNDERSEN (Honda) and the unexpected one of the legend Anders ERIKSSON (S - Yam)... seven-time World Champion.

Standing: 1. Antoine MEO (F) 88 Special Test ; 2. Eero REMES (SF) 21ST. 3; Rodrig THAIN (F) 12ST; 4. Fabien PLANET (F) 9ST; 5. Matti SEISTOLA (SF) 9ST ; 6. Simone ALBERGONI (I) 7ST ; 7. Thomas OLDRATI (I) 6ST ; 8. Lorenzo SANTOLINO (E) 3ST ; 9. Marc BOURGEOIS (F) 2ST ; 10. Kjetil GUNDERSEN (NOR) 2ST ; 11. Jérémy JOLY (F) 1ST ; 12. Nicolas DEPARROIS (F) 1ST ; 13. Anders ERIKSSON (S) 1ST.

E2: RENET to finish

Certainly, the Enduro 2 class was undecided until the very last race. At the end of the championship only four tests separate Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F - Husaberg) with 46 wins from Juha SALMINEN (FIN - HVA), 42 wins. At the GP of Finland Renet won eight tests in Heinola while the eight-time World Champion scored only 2. This is where the Championship tipped in favor of the official Husaberg rider.

Johnny AUBERT (F - KTM)steals third place from his teammate Cristobal GUERRERO (ESP - KTM) after the final in Brignoles where he pocketed no less than 12 special tests. He finished with 30 wins and thus confirms himself as one of the fastest riders.

With nearly 93% of victories, the quintet of RENET(46) - SALMINEN(42) - AUBERT(30) - GUERRERO(24) - CERVANTES(11) has left very few crumbs for the other racers of the category. Alex SALVINI (I - HVA), Jeremy TARROUX (F - KTM) and Oscar BALLETTI (I - Beta) were the only ones able to win some special tests.

Standing : 1. Pierre-Alexandre RENET (F) 46ST ; 2. Juha SALMINEN (SF) 42ST ; 3. Johnny AUBERT (F) 30ST ; 4. Cristobal GUERRERO (E) 24ST ; 5. Ivan CERVANTES (E) 11ST ; 6. Alex SALVINI (I) 7ST ; 7. Jérémy TARROUX (F) 4ST ; 8. Oscar BALLETTI (I) 1ST.
E3: NAMBOTIN of course

Unsurprisingly, Christophe NAMBOTIN (F - KTM) accounts for 70% of special tests wins. His total domination of the category is evident in the times.

Behind him, David KNIGHT (GB - KTM), despite his difficulties, proved himself with 24 victories and Aigar LEOK (EST - TM), confirms his improvement with 13 best times.

For his part, Joakim LJUNGGREN (S - Husaberg), 2nd in the final standings, recognizes only six special test wins ... Consistency is his power.

Note the pleasant surprise of the season, the Rookie of the Year Manuel MONNI (I - KTM)author of three special tests while Oriol MENA (E - Husaberg)and Marko TARKKALA (SF - Beta)each have only one victory to their counter . A small consolation for these two drivers who were expected to do a little better.

Standing: 1. Christophe NAMBOTIN (F) 117ST ; 2. David KNIGHT (GB) 24ST ; 3. Aigar LEOK (EST) 13ST ; 4. Joakim LJUNGGREN (S) 6ST ; 5. Manuel MONNI (I) 3ST ; 6. Oriol MENA (E) 1ST ; 7. Marko TARKKALA (SF) 1ST.

In the Junior category, Mathias BELLINO (F - Husaberg)with 60% wins consolidates his leadership ahead of Bordone Ferrari driver Jonathan MANZI (I - 16 Special), Danny MCCANNEY (GB - Gas Gas)and Kevin BENAVIDES (ARG - KTM), both with 13 ST won.

In FIM Youth Cup 125cc, Giacomo REDONDI (I - KTM), with 110 victories almost nothing left to Italian Matteo BRESOLIN (17)and Chilean Benjamin HERRERA (8).
Finally, in the Enduro Women’s class, Ludivine PUY (F - Gas Gas) won more victories (37) than the new Enduro World Champion Laia SANZ (E - GAS Gas) 24. Note that no other rider won special tests in this category!

With the beginning of the offseason, riders will be able to use this report to analyze their improvement during the season and then work on their weaknesses for the 2013 season MAXXIS FIM Enduro World Championship.

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