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Heroic Blazusiak

09/12/12 - 18:43

The 2012/2013 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship has been launched in front of 10,000 spectators and what a start! With a fantastic presentation of riders at the venue where Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL – KTM) has been very successful previously, some great promotion and with impressive races lined up… everything was set inside the Atlas Arena at Lodzfor an excellent “SuperEnduro” start!

The Premiere class was of course the most exciting racing with an injured Taddy BLAZUSIAK(two damaged ligaments in his right shoulder ten days ago during training in Spain), an highly-motivated David KNIGHT (GB – Honda) sporting his new colours, a hungry for success Jonny WALKERplus riders with great ambition (LJUNGGREN, GOMEZ, OLDRATI…) the stage was set! In the first race, double World Champion BLAZUSIAK sustained his lead ahead of David KNIGHT and Jonny WALKER. In the second race, with its reversed start, the action was even more intense with WALKERdominating, which left KNIGHTERand Taddyfighting for second place, which eventually turned to the advantage of the KTM rider. In the third and final race, the Polish rider flew from the star t which left runner up, Jonny WALKER10 seconds behind him. With this impressive win, BLAZUSIAKproved that even with a serious injury, he could still battle with his rivals. “It is the biggest pain of my life! But it’s damn great to win this first event in front of my home crowd with a serious injury so painful. Until yesterday, I wasn’t sure I could compete and at the end of the evening, I have taken lead of the championship, it is so great!”… said a relieved BLAZUSIAK.

David KNIGHT was second throughout the race but was blocked by lapped riders, which saw WALKER, GOMEZand LJUNGGRENpass him just before the finish. "The first race with my new bike is pretty well gone. Despite some problems in the second and third races, I am very satisfied with my Grand Prix and my Honda has been working perfectly! " … said a enthusiastic KNIGHTER. As for Jonny Walker he commented "very satisfied, but a little frustrated after the opening SuperEnduro event ... Even when he was injured, I stole only one race off Taddy, he was awesome!”

After three hours of racing, Taddytakes the lead of the standings with 57 points ahead of his teammate Jonny WALKER (51 pts) and David KNIGHT (41 pts). After a very good first race and taking third in the final race, Spaniard Alfredo GOMEZ (Husaberg) claims a promising fourth place (31 pts) only two points ahead of the surprising Hungarian newcomer Kornel NEMETH (KTM), 29 pts. By comparison Joakim LJUNGGREN (S - HUSABERG) paid a high price for his bad starts whilst teammate Thomas OLDRATI (I - HUSABERG)has to be credited for an excellent début on his HUSABERG.

The Juniors have now joined the show and each of their races brought us some surprises. Despite a comfortable lead, two laps before the end of the first race, Danny MCCANNEY (GB - Gas Gas) made two errors and ended up finishing fifth, losing the first race to a surprising Pawel SZYMKOWSKI (PL - KTM). Johan EDLUND (S - Husaberg)and Giacomo REDONDI (I - KTM) who completed the podium, while Rafal BRACIK (PL - KTM)took 11 points for fourth place. In the second and final race, Giacomo REDONDI started very strong, and very quickly took a good lead, but due to a problem with the fuel cap, he saw the Gas Gas rider Danny MCCANNEY take the win.

Finally, the promising 21 year old Polish Pawel SCZYMKOWSKI who leads the provisional standing with 37 points. Behind him, Danny MCCANNEY (30 pts) took the runner-up spot ahead of Giacomo REDONDI (28 pts). Fourth place Johan EDLUND (27 pts) signed off an evening full of talent with his compatriot Magnus THOR (KTM - 18 pts) who completes the Top 5.

After an evening full of emotions, the 10,000 spectators left the Atlas Arena with an unexpected Polish double victory... together with a fantastic, professional show dominated by the high-flying Taddy BLAZUSIAK; the King of SuperEnduro!

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