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FIM SuperEnduro An exciting first event!

12/12/12 - 16:53

Only few days have passed since the first round of the 2012/2013 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship that took place at the Atlas Arenain Lodz, Poland….a day full of emotions….and lessons.

The Lodzki Klub Motorowy and PSP(the local promoter) were very satisfied with the success of the event! With more than 9 000 spectators (+30% compared to 2011) the Atlas Arenaat Lodzwas practically full and the spectators’ enthusiasm using air horns, cowbells and sirens, added lots of support for the achievements and disappointments of each rider…

Some official teams like KTM, Husaberg, Gas Gas and the new Honda team of David KNIGHTand Paul EDMONDSONwere present, but a few riders like Giacomo REDONDI (I – KTM) arrived on their own using their own money! At the end of the evening “RED”, who had some problems with his fuel cap while he was leading, posted two encouraging third places, but most of all demonstrated some real determination! After the podium presentations, the 2012 FIM Youth Cup 125cc winner confided to Bastien BLANCHARD: “I will race this entire season; I want to win this title!”
British Connection
If Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL – KTM)and Pawel SZYMKOWSKI (PL – KTM) are the great heroes from this opening event, behind them three British riders were also remarkable… Jonny WALKER (KTM), David KNIGHT (Honda)and Danny MCCANNEY (Gas Gas)all showed a lot of promise during this three hour show. Jonny WALKER grabbed a great victory after the reversed start arrangement of the second race, David Knightmade a great come back on his new Honda 450CRF and Danny MCCANNEYarrived as a serious Junior World Champion contender. In previous years, we missed the lack of British riders in the Enduro World Championship, but now the wind has changed direction for this trio, led by the experienced KNIGHTER!

Press Conference
Jean Guillaume MEILLER, CEN director of the FIMtook part in the ABC Communication press conference at 16.00 on Saturday and announced the goals for the new promoter, whilst presenting the forthcoming season and the competitors. Riders like Taddy BLAZUSIAKsaid: “I’m refreshed by the arrival of ABC Communicationinto this sport and convinced that SuperEnduro really has great potential!”
A New Discovery
In Poland, SuperEnduro discovered a new talent from the East; Pawel SZYMKOWSKI (PL). While we were all waiting for Junior Class domination split between Giacomo REDONDI, Danny MCCANNEY and the Swedish rider Johan EDLUND (Husaberg), this young Polish rider stole all the limelight. By being a little less fiery but more consistent than his three rivals, the 21 year old rider took victory in the first final and ensured second place in the second final. As a result, SZYMKOWSKIis now leading the overall standings with a great desire to race for the complete championship!

Before Lodz, the only participation at an indoor event for Thomas OLDRATI (I – Husaberg) was at Genoa in 2010. Two years on, the Italian returned to SuperEnduro on his new Husaberg FE250 and has made a good come back. With a fifth place and two sixth places, OLDRATIshowed talent and told us at the end of the last final: “I had a lot of fun racing today! I’m very motivated to continue and to improve in this sport!”
Surprising NEMETH
The third rider in the official KTM team this season, Kornel NEMETH (H) arrived quietly at the Atlas Arena. The Former Hungarian MX rider went to Lodzfor a new challenge. In the first final, NEMETHsurprised a lot of people by grabbing 10 points for 5th place. He did even better in the second final with a brilliant 4th place and finished the evening with a 7th place in the third final. The KTM rider is now 5th in the overall standings ahead of riders like Joakim LJUNGGREN (S – Husaberg), Thomas OLDRATI and Mike HARTMANN (D – Husaberg). Everybody is now aware of the colossus of Kaposvar Kornel NEMETH, nicknamed “Kiira” in his own country!

Within the motorcycle world, nobody really understands the impact that Taddy BLAZUSIAKhas in Poland. We had to wait until this weekend to understand the “BLAZUSIAK MANIA” within this country. A loyal band of supporters wearing shirts encouraging their star, were present right from the time that the doors opened! In the crowd, an enormous banner thanked Taddy for the season he has produced in 2012…Taddy BLAZUSIAK is not a rider like the others in this sport: he is adulated in his own country and deeply admired in the USA. The pack of journalists and cameraman present in Lodzsimply confirmed this phenomenon.

Team Manager
In the team managers’ area, there were some big names at Lodz… Alex DORINGER was present and will manage the official KTM team for the entire SuperEnduro season. Jordi FIGUERAS was also in Lodzto coach Danny MCCANNEYand will be the team manager in both SuperEnduro and the EWC. Finally, Multiple World Champion Paul EDMONDSON accompanied David KNIGHT all weekend and will be his manager for the SuperEnduro Championship and the EWC!

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