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Excitement Builds For 2013/2014!

19/12/12 - 15:08

Recently named promoter, ABC Communication working in co-operation with the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (FIM) are building, developing and enhancing the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship in a similar way to how the FIM Enduro World Championshipwas successfully improved since 2004, by slowly increasing the attraction, variety and location of all the future championship rounds, commencing with the 2013/2014 season.

After a very successful opening round held at the Atlas Arena, Lodzin Poland just over a week ago, the 2012/2013 FIM SuperEnduro World Championshiphas started very well!  The 3 rounds of the current championship were planned prior to ABC Communication being awarded the FIM Promoter’s Contract, but lots of hard work with the organisers and promoters involved has produced good results already.  At the Official Press Conference in Lodzwith Jean Guillaume MEILLER (CEN Director), Alain BLANCHARD from ABC Communication detailed new plans for the future of the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship, with more championship rounds being added in several new countries, commencing with the 2013/2014 c hampionship season.

At the same Press Conference in Lodz, Alain Blanchard also announced that the first round of the 2013/2014 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship would be held at the spectacular Liverpool Echo Arenain the United Kingdom, on November 17th 2013.  The Echo Arena is an award-winning building located on the world-famous Liverpoolwaterfront.  It sits alongside the Grade I listed Albert Dock complex and the World Heritage Site on the Eastern bank of the River Mersey, right in the heart of LiverpoolCity Centre.  
As part of the attraction and variety provided by SuperEnduro for spectators, competitors & TV coverage, “Race Day” schedule at the Echo Arena in Liverpoolwill feature professional SuperEnduro Racing (Cycling) sharing 90% of the indoor course used by the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship (Motorcycle Racing)!

Many professional, top cycling athletes already compete in SuperEnduro Racing, but normally outdoors and in mountainous regions throughout the World.  With an inspiring and unique move, it’s now possible for both SuperEnduro Racing and FIM SuperEnduro World Championship international competitors to race almost alongside each other for outright glory, on a very challenging indoor course, at the Echo Arena!

The United Kingdom already has very well established, professional, Cycling and Motorcycling competitors in all disciplines of their respective sports.  The promoters and organisers of the Echo Arena event in Liverpoolare expecting superb home crowd support, for everyone taking part in this unique sporting event.

ABC Communicationworking in co-operation with FIM, will provide more additional information about this and the other events that form the 2013/2014 FIM SuperEnduro World Championship in due course. 

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