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Lopez leads Després in his fall

06/01/13 - 20:51

6 January 2013
Second stage : Pisco – Pisco
Link section: 85 km - Special: 242 km - Total: 327 km

It is 5h30'. The sun is just peeking out over the horizon and the desert night is at it coldest. In the bivouac at Pisco the first engines start to roar as the motorcycles set out for an 85 km link section en route for the start of the second special, which will bring them back to Pisco.   

Navigating out in front is no picnic, and Chaleco Lopez, who set off in the lead, wound up back in 29th place after this special won by Joan Barreda with a 3' lead over Pedrero (KTM) and nearly 6' ahead of Matt Fish. “At km 74”, says Després, “Chaleco went a bit too far right. I went a bit further left but I should have gone more left still… I wasn’t expecting such tough navigating the first day. And I had a bit of trouble getting back into the swing of things…”

Ruben Farria (KTM) is in fourth place ahead of Kurt Caselli and Darryl Curtis. Casteu (Yamaha) is in eighth place and Viladoms, ninth… “I haven’t yet quite got the hang of the Husqvarna”, says the rider from Catalonia, “and I closed the throttle in the woops.”

Pain is in 11th place behind Ullevalseter and Després...
Today, it was the youngsters who came through on top. While the heavyweights lost some time finding the way, they found the waypoints easily as they started off behind. Tomorrow will be different and Barreda will be setting off in front... The young Spaniard is very confident – a tad too much so, in the eyes of some of the riders, who have seen it all before.  Despite the 18' conceded to Barreda, Chaleco is pleased with his bike and can keep pace with Després, his benchmark for this year’s Dakar, who is just 8’ ahead…

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