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Austria head of Russia!

26/01/13 - 11:25

The Austrian team holds a slender lead over the Russians after the first days racing in Sanok. After 21 heats of sometimes hair raising ice speedway they have 28 points to the 26 points secured by the Russians.

With temperatures down to -10o and light snow falling, the teams engaged in some tough racing and there were five accidents in the first six races which took some 45 minutes to complete. Thankfully no injuries were reported.

The Russians were left curse their luck which cost them 3 points when reserve Krasnikov ground to a halt with engine problems when leading Heat 15 which undoubtedly cost them the lead – and possibly the title.

Interim scores after the first day:

Austria       28
Russia      26
Czech Republic 16    
Poland       15
Germany       15
Sweden       14
Finland       11

The second day’s racing commences on Saturday 26th at 15.30 when, with four teams separated by only two points the battle for the bronze medal will be as interesting as that for first place.

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