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FIM Ice Speedway Gladiators: Opening Round - Krasnogorsk (RUS)

01/02/13 - 19:08

Final 1 Riding Number Draw

The chase for the 2013 title starts next weekend and the draw has now been made for the opening round at the Zorkiy Stadium in Krasnogorsk, Russia on 2nd and 3rd February.

There is likely to be a new World Champion declared after the final meeting in Sweden in March as eight times champion Nicolai Krasnikov has elected not to defend his title this year. Of the current riders only Vitaly Khomitsevich has enjoyed the number one spot but that was back in 2003 so we can expect the competition, particularly between their fellow Russians, to be intense. Vitaly’s younger brother Dmitry will be keen to improve on his best performances so far, 3rd in 2011 and 2012, and Daniil Ivanov three times runner up aims to be one position better at the end of the season. At 22, Dmitry Koltakov is the youngest of the Russians and has already made a good impression in the competition; he shows all the promise of a future champion. Wild Card Sergey Makarov is currently top scorer for the STK Luhovitsy club in the Russian League.

Austrians Franz Zorn, top qualifier from the Challenge elimination round, and Harald Simon best of the non-Russians in 2012 are tipped to offer the most resistance to the top six. Both are enjoying good form this season and, as members of the Austrian team, ran the Russians to a close finish in the World Team Final in Poland last weekend. Boosted by that result their performance in Krasnogorsk could define their chances in this year’s competition.

Of the rest all are capable of springing surprises but may not be able to sustain form for long enough to wrest the championship from the Russian masters. Antti Aakko and Günther Bauer have much experience at this level and veteran Stefan Svensson along with Robert Henderson will be flying the Swedish flag. Grzegorz Knapp has established himself as the top Polish rider from a country relatively new to top class Ice Speedway and is creating a good impression against more seasoned opponents.
Clearly Ice Speedway fans can look forward to an interesting start to the series and racing in Krasnogorsk will start at 15.00 Moscow time on Saturday 2nd and 13.00 on Sunday 3rd. FIM Jury President is Finland’s Ilkka Teromaa from Finland and Referee Wojciech Grodzki from Poland.

No    Riding N°    Name                  Country
1     11             Pavel Chaika          Russia
2     4               Harald Simon        Austria
3     6               Robert Henderson        Sweden
4    16             Sergey Makarov (Wild card)        Russia
5    3               Dmitry Koltakov        Russia
6    9               Eduard Krysov        Russia
7    8               Franz Zorn        Austria
8    15             René Stellingwerf        Netherlands
9    2               Dmitry Khomitsevitch        Russia
10    14           Stefan Pletschacher        Germany
11    5             Antti Aakko        Finland
12    10           Vitaly Khomitsevich        Russia
13    12           Günther Bauer        Germany
14    1             Daniil Ivanov        Russia
15    7             Grzegorz Knapp        Poland
16    13           Stefan Svensson        Sweden
Res 1    17       Vasily Kosov        Russia
Res 2    18       Evgeny Kosov        Russia

Photos FIM/Good-Shoot

Franz Zorn

Daniil Ivanov

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