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“The show will be amazing!”

09/02/13 - 18:48

Only one day before the second round of the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship takes place in Palau Sant Jordi in Barcelona, Spain, local Champion Ivan CERVANTES (E – KTM) took some time out for an interview..

After 2 years with Gas Gas, you’re back with KTM! Is it a step back?
: “Well! This year it was a big step for me… but not a step back! I would like to thank KTM for welcoming me again. I’m also very happy that Barcelona will be the first race for KTM and me this season. With Gas Gas, we had to take different roads. I wanted to have a very competitive bike this year with a perfect setup. That’s why I came back to KTM!”

But it seemed to be, an almost perfect “dream wedding” with the Spanish / Catalan mix…
I.C: “Two years ago, after nine seasons with KTM I needed to change and have a new challenge, that’s why I signed with Gas Gas. As with many stories, you have big dreams and promises at the beginning but then after two years, I didn’t get what I was expecting and asking for… You know in Spain the economic situation is a disaster, not only in motorcycling, but also in every sport and business too. Gas Gas also has a lot of difficulties, that’s why we took different roads this year!”

Why did you choose this SuperEnduro race in Barcelona?
I.C: “Since the start of the SuperEnduro, the Barcelona race has always been in my calendar. I have a lot of friends, family and fans living in this city and in Catalonia. This year it will be a bit difficult as my training is more focused on Outdoor Enduro and motocross, but I’ll do my best, you can be sure of that!”

Will you ride with your new KTM 350 EXC-F?
I.C: “Yes for sure! This 350 EXC-F is a really amazing bike, very light, fast and with a lot of power! I already love it and I’m ready to race with it on Sunday!”

Do you think that you can fight with SuperEnduro specialists like Taddy BLAZUSIAK and Jonny WALKER?
I.C: “I don’t know, but I hope so. This year I’ll only participate in one race, so it maybe difficult to compete with them. As I already told you, since I got my bike, I have only focused on Outdoors training. To claim a big result in SuperEnduro, I really need harder Indoor training, but I’ll fight to be next to them!”

You became SuperEnduro World Champion in 2009. What about this current season?
I.C: “First of all, the calendar! It was very hard for me to compete in all the series. I wanted to race in Poland, but Gas Gas didn’t have a bike for it and asked me to contact KTM… I asked Fabio(FARIOLI) if he could give me a bike to race, but it was already too late for that event! This year, the calendar is difficult for a rider who participates also in the EWC. I won’t be in France because it is only one week before the EWC South American tour and I don’t want to get injured the weekend before! Now, some riders are SuperEnduro specialists, like Taddy BLAZUSIAK (PL – KTM)and Jonny WALKER (GB – KTM)and they are very difficult to beat!”

Let’s talk about the upcoming season, what are your goals in the EWC?
I.C: “My main goal will be to grab my first E2 title! I have won two titles in E1, two in E3, one in SuperEnduro and an ISDE overall victory, but I still miss the Enduro 2 class title. I can promise you that I’ll be 100% ready for the start of the season. I have worked a lot on my bike and it will also be ready! I’m totally focused on this E2 title.”

After the EWC, will you race an entire season of SuperEnduro?
I.C: “Yes for sure, I’m motivated to compete in the entire 2014 SuperEnduro championship. I will train hard to win my second SuperEnduro title next season. It would be perfect if I could claim a double victory, with the E2 title and the SuperEnduro title!”

A last word for the public that will come this Sunday?
I.C: “Barcelona is a very good race. It is something really special and important for a Spanish rider because you have the entire crowd supporting you! I hope that we’ll have lots of spectators again. For sure, the show will be bigger and better than in 2012!”  

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