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Conference of FIM Commissions

26/02/13 - 09:44

More than 200 members of the FIM family met in Geneva over the weekend for the second edition of the Conference of FIM Commissions.

This annual gathering is the ideal opportunity for the members of the FIM Board, the members of the FIM Commissions and the FIM Administration to meet and exchange views and information on topics linked to motorcycling.

On the Saturday morning, all the Commissions attended a plenary session where a wide range of cross-cutting subjects were addressed in a series of presentations. The topics included the FIM’s strategic goals, its environmental efforts, alternative energies, public affairs, medical and security aspects, women’s presence in motorcycling, tourism and leisure, the FIM product certification programme and marketing initiatives, and the FIM Academy. 

The Commissions then met individually to discuss their challenges for the coming season, define the responsibilities of their various members and finalise the working programmes for the year.

After the weekend, FIM President Vito Ippolito noted with satisfaction that the Conference had gone well: “This annual get-together is very important for the FIM. The aim is to encourage interaction between the Board of Directors, the Commissions and the Administration. We welcome the interest expressed by all the participants in the new format of the Conference.”

FIM CEO Stéphane Desprez added in a similar vein: “With a participation rate of 80%, we can say that the 2013 edition was a great success!  Our intention is clearly to keep this weekend of Commission meetings as an annual event. It is very important for the members of the FIM family to spend time together, talk to one another and strengthen the ties among the various Commissions.”

Photo: Participants at the 2013 Conference of FIM Commissions FIM (©Patrice Moullet)

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