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26/02/13 - 10:41

The final event of the FIM SuperEnduro World Championship on the 9th of March in Tourswill be worth its weight in gold! Besides being the final event with a World Champion title to be won, the promoter and the organisers and are doing their best to add to a menu already rich with highly skilled riders!

Graham JARVIS, official Husaberg rider (since the summer of 2012) has made a last minute entry for the event. The British star’s entry has been made possible thanks to the efforts of Husaberg Director Mr Oliver GOEHRING who believes a lot in the SuperEnduro and in which, he now has an impressive official team…

Graham JARVIS was born in April 1975 in Ripon, North Yorkshire in Great Britain is well known in the Trials world where he collected many titles:

- 9 victories in the Scottish Six Days Trials, 5 times British Champion, 28 podiums in the Trials World Championship with 5 Grand Prix victories, 4 Trials of Nations wins plus 1 Australian title…

Managed by former champion Malcolm RATHMELL and from 2007 onwards, Graham JARVIS went progressively to Enduro where his continually refined technical approach has made him considered to be the current N°1 in Extreme Enduro races!
In addition, he has also claimed victories in some of the most prestigious International events with three wins in the famous Red Bull Romaniacs, he has just won the Hells Gate Extreme Enduro in Italy (also for the third consecutive time) and won the 2013 Tough One Extreme Enduro at home in Great Britain.

As the undisputed master of Extreme Enduro races, Graham JARVIS is also fast at SuperEnduro races thanks to his Trials technical skills refined even further by Enduro races all over the world, as evidenced by his successes in both the Roof of Africa (South Africa) and the Red Bull Sea to Sky (Turkey).

His participation at Tours will be a spectacle on its own as Graham JARVIS is always thirsty for victory!

With David KNIGHT and Jonny WALKER, Graham JARVIS will form the third part of a British team who are committed to break Taddy BLAZUSIAK’s current SuperEnduro supremacy!

Tours – Don’t miss it…

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