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Trial ‘Non Stop’ Demo

26/02/13 - 14:23

With the aim of making Trial more accessible, the FIM has drawn up new rules to speed up the sport and create more dynamic performances. The purpose of this video is to help all those involved – including the fans – to understand the philosophy behind the new regulations and clarify a number of situations that can arise when the riders negotiate the various sections.

Trial is a motor sport that focuses on keeping one’s balance while moving forward!

A rider has to negotiate an obstacle or decide on a technique while constantly moving forward; otherwise, the attempt will count as a failure, penalised with 5 points.

There is no longer any time allowance in the sections.

These new techniques allow a large number of manoeuvres that are both accessible and varied.

From 2013, the FIM Trial World Championships will be “non-stop” in all categories of the discipline (World Pro, Open International, Junior, 125cc, Women & Trial des Nations).

Take a look at this video showing a few situations that illustrate some of the different ways that the rider and his machine can move forward.

Watch the video!

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