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13/10/14 - 09:48
110th FIM Anniversary - Flash Back 1976-1979
1976: The Tourist Trophy cast out* The first meeting of the year was held in Torremolinos (Spain) early February. The central board met at the hotel Castillo de Santa Clara.  Mr Michel Barambon h...
06/08/14 - 09:45
110th FIM Anniversary - Flash Back 1970-1975
1970: A Propaganda film for the Olympic Games!* The spring meetings took place in Geneva in April 1970. The new FIM office in the avenue de Champel was duly inaugurated by all the delegates. Deputy Pr...
05/08/14 - 11:47
110th FIM Anniversary - Flash Back 1965-1969
1965: War is declared* During the autumn of 1964, president Nortier was informed by Mr Lenfranc that a certain number of federations had contacted Mr Cuguero (the Spanish vice president) to complain t...
05/08/14 - 11:41
110th FIM Anniversary - Flash Back 1960-1964
1960: The revision of the Statutes* The spring congress began in April in Geneva with the finance commission’s session. The 1959 accounts gave rise to several discussions, as the budget calculated in ...
04/08/14 - 11:35
110th FIM Anniversary - Flash Back 1955-1959
1955: Complicated membership* The 64th congress was held in Düsseldorf (Germany) from 10 to 13 May 1955.  The International Sporting Commission decided that the 1956 Road Racing World Championshi...
04/08/14 - 11:27
110th FIM Anniversary - Flash Back 1950-1954
1950: Germany is re-admitted* The Madrid congress was held over four days, a duration which now became official: from 9 to 12 May 1950. Fifteen member states were represented including six by proxy. N...
03/08/14 - 10:59
110th FIM Anniversary - Flash Back 1947-1949
1948: New Statutes and Headquarters in Geneva?* In the spring of 1948 the session was opened on 13 April at the Hotel Cosmopolite in Brussels in the presence of delegates from 14 countries (including ...
03/08/14 - 10:55
110th FIM Anniversary - Flash Back 1940-1947
1940 – 1945: Speedway Races for the Red Cross* In the archives of the British ACU there is mention of a commission meeting held on 2 May 1940: this commission believed that it was unfeasible, or even ...
02/08/14 - 11:06
110th FIM Anniversary - Flash Back 1935-1939
1935: An International Rally* At the beginning of January, Mr Loughborough sent all the national motorcycle clubs an explanatory letter concerning the creation of the International Committee for Motor...
02/08/14 - 10:59
110th FIM Anniversary - Flash Back 1930-1934
1930: * The official FICM papers mention at the beginning of 1930 that there were 24 countries represented within the FICM: Argentina, Austria, Belgium, British Empire (sic), Czechoslovakia, Denmark, ...