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Year :   
IMN Start End Event Place Country
197/01 24/08/14 28/08/14 Bonneville Motorcycle Speed Trials Bonneville Salts Flats / Bonneville, Utah us

FIM World Records from 1979 to present

A record is the best result obtained over a certain distance or within an imposed time limit.
When the result has been ratified by the FIM it becomes a "FIM WORLD RECORD" and when it is ratified by an FMN it becomes a "NATIONAL RECORD".
The short distance world records recognised for each class of motorcycle are as follows:
-    1 km – 1 mile (with flying start)
-    ¼ mile – 1 km – 1 mile (with standing start)
For these short distance records, a straight course between two points not having a gradient of more than 1% must be used. This course must be covered once in each direction with a maximum time interval of two hours between each run.
Results of short distance records are expressed in both kilometres per hour (km/h) and miles per hour (mp/h). One mile is calculated as 1.609344 km and one kilometre as 0.6213712 mile.
Since the attempt is made over two runs, the speed will be calculated by using the average mean speed recorded over the two consecutive runs. The number of attempts is not limited but the time between the start and finish of a complete attempt must not exceed two hours.
For details concerning categories, groups, divisions, types and cubic capacities, please consult the document attached: “Extracts from the FIM World Record Regulations”.
The list of long distance (10, 100 and 1000 km) and period records (1, 6, 12 and 24 hours) will be published soon.
World Records established between the beginning of the 20th century and 1979 are considered as permanent historical records. They cannot be considered as “beaten” nowadays since the measuring devices used as well as the rules have changed since then.


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Category I – Group A1 – Division (ABC) - Fuel
Category I – Group A1– Division (ABC) – Diesel
Category I – Group A1– Division (ABC) – Electric
up to 150kgover 150kg up to 300kgover300kg
Category I – Group B1 (Sidecars) – Division (ABC)
50cc to 3000ccElectric over 300kg
Category II - Groupe B3 - Division (ABC)
Category III – Group E (Snowmobiles) – Division (ABC)