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FIM Gala / 2012 / Légendes FIM / Mary McGee

Mary McGee

FIM Woman Legend

Born on 12 December 1936 in Juneau (Alaska), USA

A racing pioneer in the United States, Mary McGee started road racing in 1960. But before that she used to race cars. She drove cars like Mercedes, Porsche, Ferrari and Jaguar. She bought her first motorcycle in 1957: a Triumph Tiger Cub, model 1956. Then she bought a Honda C110. In 1960 she moved to road racing on a CB 92 Honda. In the sixties she used to race cars and motorcycles alternately, until a famous actor (and motorcycle racer) called Steve McQueen told her to “get off that road bike and get out to the desert!”; she then discovered a passion for desert racing. In 1975, on a 250cc Husqvarna, she raced the Baja 500 and finished ahead of 17 two-man teams.

Aged 75, she still takes part in vintage racing events. Her recommendations: “Take a motorcycle safety training course and wear the right gear”. And specifically for women: “If a woman is thinking about racing in any form, just do it! Get out and do it! You’ll find out it’s a lot of fun. The people are wonderful. It doesn’t matter how fast you go, and it will add to your life”.

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